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QualiPro Second Hand II
QualiPro Second Hand II

The project QualiProSecondHand (first phase) comprises partners from seven European countries. Their aim: The Second Hand sector will be surveyed with the aid of vocational educational scientific research instruments (sector analysis, case studies, and expert workshops). Apart from the identification of parameters for the promotion of the professionalisation and best practice solutions as well as the analysis of existing network and operating structures, the focus will be above all on a precise analysis of the sector specific requirements for the persons engaged.

This will form the basis for a European qualification profile. With the evelopment of need and future oriented qualification concepts the professionalisation of the sector will be promoted and the quality will be improved. First approaches to thedevelopment of a sectorspecificinitial training will be sustainable worked out.

The objectives of the second phase of the project are as follows:

  • Transformation of the existing qualification profile for the second hand sector in country-specific approaches by quality standards:
    • design of a country-specific framework;
    • adaption to country-specific features;
    • implementation of pilot phases in national enterprises (testing of the qualification concept/parts of the concept).
  • Creation of a webpage to set experiences and teaching and learning materials for trainers with the focus on country-specific features:
    • didactical concepts for implementation;
    • teaching and learning material;
    • selected working processes from the second hand sector in order to design learning arrangements.
  • Transfer and development of work-related quality standards for the establishment of a sector-specific qualification:
    • work-related quality standards.
  • Transfer and modification of instruments for quality check:
    • instruments for quality check
    • instruments to survey the needs of qualification and to determine the quality of the employee qualification / skills.
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